Make Basic Income A Reality for All

Basic Income Action is a new national organization dedicated to winning a basic income for every American. A basic income is money provided to every adult -- enough to cover basic needs, independent of a job, with everyone getting the same amount. Imagine a world where everyone has enough money to make ends meet, as a human right. Join us.

Latest news:

The poorest of the poor need basic income now

The TANF scandal in Maine is just the latest example of the poorest Americans not receiving relief that was block-granted to states. Now more than ever, we need a universal basic income to ensure that all families have financial security they can count on. ...(Read More)

The Big Sneaky Poverty Forum

The Big Sneaky: Bush, Ryan and Christie Pretend Welfare is Still A Federal Program. It's time to stop this madness of state-run “welfare” programs that enroll fewer than ten percent of eligible Americans and instead start insisting on a Basic Income....(Read More)

MLK had a dream. We can make it come true.

Great new piece by Steven Shafarman on MLK and the basic income....(Read More)

Basic Income Can Make America Great Again

Another Republican debate is upon us, and it seems that Donald Trump’s poll numbers are down a bit in Iowa. Perhaps the Summer of Trump is behind us, and his candidacy will fade away like it did last time. But his message - “Make America Great Again” - still resonates.......(Read More)

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