Are there countries that already have basic income or something similar?

 Are there countries that already have basic income or something similar? 


Not yet, although various cities are launching programs. And there are campaigns underway in many countries, with elected officials as champions. That’s happening throughout Europe, especially Finland, Switzerland, Italy, and England. India, Japan, South Africa, and Canada also have active campaigns.

Brazil actually has a law declaring that everyone has a right to a minimum income. The government is introducing it gradually through the Bolsa Familia, conditional cash transfers for the poor. In 2015, more than 60 million Brazilians are receiving monthly payments, 30 percent of the population of 200 million.

Mexico and Columbia also offer conditional cash transfers. Those programs, and Brazil’s, have been carefully studied. Evidence strongly confirms the efficacy of giving money directly to the poor. Moreover, because any conditionality imposes added costs, bureaucracy, and other complications, the evidence clearly demonstrates the value of an unconditional basic income.

The international movement is accelerating, with public debates, pilot programs, and other progress in many places. A good source for updates is the Basic Income Earth Network.