About Us

Our Mission and Vision:

Basic Income Action is a nonprofit organization with chapters across the United States. Our mission is to advocate for a basic income by educating and organizing people to take action.

We envision to create a nonpartisan and reliable national registry of basic income advocates and supporters.

We aim to extend and advance the successful efforts of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network, USBIG, which was founded in December 1999. We also work closely with the Basic Income Earth Network, BIEN.

Our Nonprofit Board Members:

Ian Schlakman is a technology expert and a community organizer in Baltimore City. Ian has worked in the education, healthcare and new economy field for the past 15 years.

Diane R. Pagen is a social policy analyst and a social worker in New York and has been doing both since 2004. She is also a part-time lecturer of social policy at Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work. She is co-author with Theresa Funiciello of The Adventures of Carrie Giver: The Cost of Caring, a policy advocacy comic book, and an author of various articles on social policy and problems.

Victor Chudnovsky is a physicist by training and is currently a software engineer for a major Fortune 100 tech company. Victor has a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT and currently lives in Seattle, WA.

Our Advisory Board:

Karl Widerquist
Michael Howard
Michael Lewis
Eri Noguchi
Howard Croft
Krissi Jimroglou
Peter Barnes