Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Campaigns on Basic Income

On February 11th, 2018, Andrew Yang, a not-for-profit entrepreneur and New Yorker announced that he is running for President of the United States. The core of Andrew's policy agenda is a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month for every American starting at age 18.
As a founder of Basic Income Action, I want to share my excitement about this news. We all know that Universal Basic Income is in the press more than ever; that people from every walk of life are talking about its potential; and that all the talk about “job creation” as the way to fix our economic and social ills seems to be just talk. No one can stop automation, but we know that we don't need to to have an economy that works for everyone. We need a UBI and all the economy stimulating effects it will have as it is spent. More importantly, we need it because right now, we have millions of Americans hanging by a thread; millions of Americans are homeless; seven people an hour dying from opioid overdoses as people in despair turn to drugs.
The UBI movement has voters all over the country! All we needed was a candidate. Andrew Yang has volunteered. We have ample opportunity to talk about the particulars of his proposal. Let's show our support by sharing the news.
-Diane Pagen