Basic Income Action Launches During International Basic Income Week

As basic income activists across the globe celebrate International Basic Income Week on September 14th, here in the U.S we have an extra reason to celebrate: we are launching Basic Income Action, a new organization dedicated to winning a basic income for every American family.

globe.jpgLaunch events are being planned in Washington, DC, New York, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland and in the Bay Area of California. You can find a calendar of events here.

Basic Income Action will be modeled after other political campaigns with bold demands, such as marriage equality and the legalization of marijuana. We are calling for economic security for every American family by directly providing them with enough money to at least get by on. We will call on all candidates and elected leaders to support basic income, and we will push forward using the ballot initiative process wherever possible in the years ahead.

Basic Income Action is the first group dedicated to winning a basic income in the United States with the ability to raise money to educate the public about the benefits of a basic income. You can help us spread the word by donating here.

Our first major action is to call on all of the presidential candidates to support a basic income for every American. You can tell the candidates to support basic income by signing the petition here.

We hope you will get involved in our efforts to educate and organize the American people to support economic security for all through a basic income. Join us!