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Join Basic Income Action's Executive Director Ian Schlakman for a Reddit Ask Me Anything!


We'll post the AMA at 1:50pm EST.

Ian will start answering your questions at 2pm EST.

From Reddit:

**Title of AMA**: Basic Income Week AMA Series: I am Ian Schlakman, a Baltimore based New Economy Organizer. Left my PC tech day job. I challenged the most powerful pro-spying, pro-NSA, anti Snowden Congressman. I'm a fellow at a progressive DC Think Tank. Now I'm co-founding Basic Income Action. Ask me anything.

**Date/Time (EST)**:  September 15th 2015 / 2pm EST

**Background/description of AMA subject**: Basic Income (also known as a Universal Basic Income or a Guaranteed Income) will be the main subject as its Basic Income Week and this will be part of their series. I will also discuss my political activity. I ran for Congress against Rep Dutch Ruppersberger (Democrat) with the Green Party last year and I now consult for a few campaigns ranging from national to local.

**Username being used for AMA**: ian4md2 

**Proof**:  @ian4md2 @BasicIncomeAct - Will post the announcement of the AMA as proof.

We've already got the go ahead from the Reddit IAmA mods so we're all set.

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September 15, 2015 at 2pm - 4pm


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