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Always building, and always on the run! Obsessed with life. Especially food, water, sun. And teck toys that I don't need but still must have.

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posted about Petition on Facebook 2017-08-08 18:31:33 -0400
Sign the petition. Support Basic Income Action.

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To: Members of Congress

We call on you to support a basic income, which would give money to every American to meet at least our basic needs.

A basic income would provide financial security we can count on, no matter what happens at work or in the economy.

It would put money in the pockets of every American family, which would stimulate our economy, boost small businesses, and strengthen our communities. Every American will have true financial freedom and an equal opportunity to succeed.

America can afford to provide a basic income for every family, and we call on you to publicly support a basic income.

Please sign our petition below!

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