Press Coverage of our Launch

We had our public launch on Monday, and the press has taken notice. There are two great articles so far.

The first article is "Basic Income Advocates Are Organizing in DC to Storm the 2016 Elections" in Mic. What an amazing title!

Reporter Jack Smith IV sums up our launch well: 

Basic income finally has an organized, Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group called Basic Income Action, which will try to pull together the disparate chapters, organizations and online communities to try and wield a modicum of political power. Or, for now, make a little noise.

Here's a link to the story.

The second article is "The Campaign to Get Every American Free Money, Every Year" by Brian Merchant in Motherboard. He calls us "a dead-serious national nonprofit touting a legitimate economic solution to rising joblessness and inequality. And they’re bringing it to Washington."

You can read the full story here.

And once you're done reading, don't forget to sign the petition to the presidential candidates here.