What are the benefits?

Why do we need a basic income? What are the benefits?


Imagine what this will do for you and your family. Suppose you have, say, $1,000 a month, independent of your job or other income.

Do you have a student loan or credit card debt? You’ll have money you can use to pay it off. Maybe buy a car or home, take a vacation, invest for your retirement.

Are you unemployed or unhappy with your job?  You’ll have freedom and opportunities, to go back to school, if you like, or start your own business.

Do you have kids? You might choose to be a full-time parent. Or work part-time so you can attend their afterschool activities, meet with their teachers, and spend more time hanging out with them. You might put basic income money into their college funds.

Also think about what this will mean for your community and our country.

A basic income of $1,000 a month is $24,000 a year for a couple. That’s more than the current official poverty level for a family of four. We can end hunger, end homelessness, end extreme poverty. Current policies cannot possibly achieve that; no way, no how, no hope.

Because it’s universal and unconditional, basic income creates a baseline of justice and equality. Everyone will be on the political and economic playing fields, with money to participate actively as citizens and in markets.

Are there specific issues or problems you care about? Racism? Poverty? Income inequality? Health care? Education reform? Global warming and climate change? Political corruption and the power of special interests? Every American will have the means and incentives to work together as citizens, to make our government more efficient, responsive, and accountable.